The Roaring 20s (A Webquest)

The 1920s was an exciting time for many in America. Also called the Jazz Age, many exciting changes in American culture were taking place. The purpose of this Webquest is for you to get a flavor for the times. Enjoy! You will spend 50-55 minutes exploring at least one aspect of culture from the 1920s. Then, you will venture back to the classroom to create a magazine cover that focuses on the area you learned about and is representative of the times.

The Process:

  1. Choose one of the following aspects of culture to explore: Fashion, Cars, Sports, Entertainment, Women, Technology, or Crime
  2. Read about your topic using the links below. Become as informed as possible about that particular segment of culture. VERY IMPORTANT: Sites have both pictures and text. It is IMPORTANT that you look at the pretty pictures AND READ!
  3. Consider the themes, achievements, and important people that shape your topic.
  4. You may print out any words or pictures that you want to use on your magazine cover.
  5. If you finish exploring your topic before it is time to return to the classroom, feel free to explore a second area of interest.
  6. Once you return to the classroom, create a cover that might have appeared on a magazine like “Life,” “People,” “ELLE,” or “TIME.” Covers should have a combination of pictures and headlines that highlight the major trends of the day. Your goal is to capture the flavor of culture in the 1920s.







Business, Industry, and Technology:



This short webquest should have given you an overview of 1920s culture. Hopefully, you have noticed how much of our culture today has been influenced by this period. This is a theme we will pick up on throughout this unit.

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    Should I suggest including Music as a must in this project?

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    I do a separate lesson on music and dancing from the 1920s. I also play music from the 20s while they work on putting their magazines together. However, if you don’t have time to treat these as separate topics, by all means include them in this project. Here are some websites that may be useful:

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    My teacher decided to assign this project to our class last Wednesday 11/17 and he only gave us one day in class to work on it and told us to finish it at home. It is due Tuesday 11/23 the day before Thanksgiving break and everyone has expressed the fact that there is NO way that we can finish it by then and he said he would think about it but as of now, it is still due Tuesday. I only have one page complete and I am working as much as I can and I am a very good student, I have the highest grade in the class. So if I can’t finish there is no way that anyone else can or will. Any suggestions PLEASE?

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    oh and I forgot to mention that he changed the criteria and made it more work than just this!

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    I only used to give my students one 84 minute class period to do this assignment, so I’ll bet with some hard work you’ll get it done by Tuesday! Good luck!

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